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Kurgan's Bane: Links

Sonus Umbra
Our bass player's "other band" - check 'em out (if you have the grapes)
Concrete Prophet
Young and talented progressive metal band in Baltimore.
Progressive Power Metal based in the DC area
Orphan Project
Baltimore based modern progressive band
Info for the Maryland music scene.
Orion Progressive Showcase
Showcase room for local, regional, and international progressive bands. Also a recording studio and rehearsal space. Operated by the Godfather of Baltimore Prog, Mike Potter.
Phaeton Condition
Kick-Ass Baltimore band playing progressive hard rock and metal covers and originals.
Prog Palace Radio
Live radio shows featuring your favorite prog - be sure to check out the chatroom, we met some great (and very funny) people
Sea of Tranquility
Webzine for prog and metal.
Secret Sound Studio
Baltimore studio where we've recorded every CD. Operated by "Punchclock-Johnny" John Grant with assistance from Tony Correlli of Orphan Project.
Society of Art Rockers in the Washington, DC area
Voodoo Amps
Boutique Amp company specializing in custom amps. Based in Ithaca, NY. Pete used a Voodoo Amps modified Marshall DSL for every guitar sound on "Camouflaged In Static."
Drums Player World is a site that is dedicated to offering free drum lessons for players of all levels.